Investors in the crypto currency market face many challenges today, long term holders see their profits being vaporized, trading poses high risks and requires a strong skillset and experience in trading. Also Mining/Cloud Mining facing a rough time, no longer providing a safe alternative to long term holding and investing.

Bitcoin Mining Companies like Hashflare or Gigawatt are shutting down due to insolvency. So whether you are a long term investor, trader or miner, the current market conditions make it very hard to secure profits in the Crypto Currency Industry. A new approach is needed.


Radical “New Approach” to ensure return of investments

BOLTON Coin (BFCL) offers a new amazing and unique approach to investing in the crypto sphere, generating aggregates profits from tangible luxurious markets such as gold and diamonds mining, real estate, integrated by eco-sustainable energy and extraordinary form of BTC crypto-mining.

Low costs in fees for mining guarantee stable income also in the face of difficulty increases. The business generates profit in other areas, even a sustained bear market cannot affect the profits of the program, as this, is the case with most crypto projects.


The key of Consistent and Sustainable Profits

In this smart way, BOLTON coin (BFCL) is not just exposed to a single market with the associated risks but it mixes solid profits from all the business, guaranteeing to investors a large share of their profits.

BOLTON coin (BFCL) is a Security token offering (STO) program that enables anyone to get the unique chance to participate in the core business of the company, through the tokenization of an unattainable market, so far restricted to only institutional investors.


Bolton Coin Is Not A Token, Is An Asset

During the Security token sale, anyone can purchase BOLTON coins (BFCL) that will give access to a private dashboard that allows to:
– Choose the suitable staking investment plan: 15 days/12months/24months*
– Track the daily returns of the investments
– Withdraw and/or transfer to the exchanges

*On a 31 days month, you will receive up to the 4,96% profits from your investment.


Institutional Investors & Bolton Holding Customers as Guardians

BOLTON coin (BFCL) program, has already reached its $ 25 Mln SOFT CAP, raised in merely a few weeks during Private Sale which is exclusive to long term business partners of Bolton Holding. This is already a done deal, hence, represent a real low risk for retail investors.

The early investors are Bolton Holding customers. This tells a lot about the satisfaction of Bolton Holding customers with profits in the past. It also speaks volumes about they’re confidence in Bolton being capable to lead this new program to success.


What Makes This Offering Unique And Compelling

BOLTON coin (BFCL) Security Token Offering, comes with a unique value proposition, an already successful business prototype is going to be tokenized.

Share holders make profits that are generated in several business areas to reduce exposure.

All the points make this into a crypto investment that should check all your boxes, even if you are the most skeptic and cautious investor.

If you do find any red flags, we would be keen to know about it.


Vision And Close Future Developments

BOLTON coin (BFCL), thanks to the strong vision provided by President Dr. Roberto Diomedi, has been rated ‘A’ by Bloomberg** to show its influential status on the “eyes of the world”.

Matter of fact there are important targets to be achieved along the roadmap: the world hugest 0 cost BTC mining farm, aggregated exchange, lending platform, crypto bank, debit card crypto to FIAT system; all connected together on a own private blockchain, building the unique, real financial eco-system of the world.



DISCLAIMER: The information presented in this Light Paper, it’s not financial advice, but, just marketing proposals to present the BOLTON coin (BFCL). The official contents are depicted into the Whitepaper, that it’s highly recommend to read.