Bolton is a company that has already proven its portfolio.
It is a company that handles different projects with 100% success rate in all its dealings. The company has also been rated ‘A’ by Bloomberg to show its influential status on the “eyes of the world”.Bolton is giving its investors and potential investors/token holders a chance to participate in the activities and core business of the company. Since the company trades on special commodities and also invests in projects with significantly high profits, our investors have the opportunity to make profits and returns from 15% all the way up to 50%. Please note that the profits mentioned here are excluding the profits that will be accumulated because of the increase in market value.
Bolton intends to distribute profits on a daily basis thus ensuring that our investors get to be fully aware and also fully involved in the money making process. This will also help our investors to always have what to fall back to in case of unforeseen eventualities. We will also buyback the profits till the time our token gets listed on crypto currency exchanges.

We also have a fail-safe program that helps our investors to recover their capital in case of failure due to the general market value of a commodity we decide to trade on. If the market value of such commodities were to fall all the way down to zero (0), the investor can request the conversion at the stock rate which is currently worth one pound.
We offer an opportunity for investors who may have a certain sum they wish to invest but don’t have the required expertise to invest. We have an elite team of analysts and market experts whose business is just to ensure that they study the market trends and procedures to speculate as accurately as possible, which commodity will be best to invest in at a particular point in time.
The renumeration from the mining activity and dividends of the Bolton Group profits will be accumulated. In turn, it will increase the value of the BOLTON token itself and monthly load on BOLTON WALLET.

The value of the BOLTON tokens will be further elevated through the following growth opportunities:
• Profit of the group
• Forward selling
• Secondary markets
• Mined coin portfolio
• Growth of the cryptocurrency market cap
All these combined will help to ensure that the value of these tokens do not fall out of its initial buying price, but continue to increase as the projects will be used to ensure that the value of these tokens is backed up strategically and effectively


In terms of risk profile, we will spread our exposure as follows:Bolton will obviously mine Bitcoin; today’s most popular and potentially profitable cryptocurrency, with the highest market capitalisation.
Bolton will also find other ALT-coins to mine for higher potential risk / reward profile. This is because despite the risks involved, some altcoins have the potential to sky-rocket in value, yielding profits of hundreds of percentages.
This will be set by our market experts who will provide intel and analysis on which crypto currencies are most profitable to mine at any given time.We work on a sophisticated crypto-model called profit-mining which depends on complexity to mine, rather than blocktime, hashrate, and potential price.
We will also be involved in minting new coins like our commodity hybrids

What makes our mines success prone ?

Scalable yet sustainable
The call will be answered and led by a significantly funded mining company that is designed to meet the challenge with best in class facilities, business modeling, and the support of its government and a unique ecosystem of financial services.
Tempting Big Fish into faster waters
Dematerialized Commodities: More risk-averse conventional investors have largely avoided the “wild west” volatility of the crypto gold rush. Yet in tokenizing asset classes with which they are fundamentally more familiar, we can provide the reassurance (excuse) they need to commit a proportion of their considerable resources to this sector. Institutional fund managers, too, are likely to assign this new hybrid asset class a more defensible risk profile. We believe dematerialization of established assets delivers a compelling case for more conservative investors wanting the stability of traditional investments, while privately waiting for a good enough excuse to access the benefits of blockchain secured environments.
Our BFCL TOKENS will include gas, copper, oil, gold and diamonds.
The best use of available resources
Networking stability with multiple Dark Fibre lines (fibre-optical cables left dormant after the dot com bubble burst) can be reactivated – giving us dedicated bandwidth, rather than having to lease it from mainstream suppliers, share with everyone else, and hope with fingers crossed that the system never gets overloaded.
Hoping on such fantasies is what causes overloads and crash of the entire system. Having a system that is dependent on mainstream suppliers is an indicator that the risks involved are more likely to result in losses.
Continuous Maintenance
We have hired the best service technicians to keep the servers optimized, ensuring long life and productivity. Hardware failure is one of the biggest liabilities in this business and we have fine-tuned infrastructure to mitigate any issues which may arise with time. Our technicians will do everything in their power to fix any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. If your miner isn’t working, we all lose out.
This goes to tell you and to assure you that your investment is safe with us. If you lose, we lose.