First cryptocurrency exchange in the Middle East with fiat capability

Building a fully comprehensive digital banking platform. Pre-approval from the UAE authorities in December 2018 for a Category 1 onshore banking license.

Issued Bolton Coin (BFCL), a digital payment token used between the Group’s businesses.

The first Shariah compliant, primary market Sukuk in the pipeline for late 2019.

The Bolton corporate bond is being issued from Bolton Holding, UAE for tax purposes and guaranteed by Bolton First Credit Limited, UK



Transparency and Trust

Blockchain Based Profiles





Transparency & immutability

Transaction traceability

Compliance is hard-coded into the Smart Contract

Low barrier of entry

Fractional ownership

Open for global investors

Increased liquidityfor investors

Efficiency of payment transactions



Bolton Coin holders have priority access to our Diamonds & Precious Commodities trading desk.

Bolton Coin is the native unit of account within our Financial Banking Services Platform that is being built.

Bolton Coin holders are able to invest our Corporate Bonds & Shariah compliant Sukuks issued as part of our Investments Solutions Programme, which is offered through a private placement.

Building a relationship of trust and confidence for today and tomorrow

Technology is already disrupting every business model, and any company that is not putting technology as a corner stone of its operations, will be left behind.


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

Start Time

1 June, 2020

Token Symbol


End Time

31 Dec, 2020

Tokens Offered



100 M






How old is the company?

Bolton was first established in 1976 in the UK providing Financial Services and Consultancy and commodity trading (i.e. gold). Since then, they have invested into emerging technology and the acquisition of assets. In 2014, the Dubai offices were established with the head office headquartered in Burj Khalifa.

Gold & diamond mining concessions, rare-earth commodities and the digital banking platform.

Based on the current financials to year end of 2018, consultancy services made up approximately 65% of the revenue with the remaining coming from gold trading activities in West Africa. The percentages will change significantly by 2019 year-end following the close of the BFCL subscription period. Capital will be deployed to start the operation of the acquired Angolan diamond mine and to launch the digital banking platform. Furthermore, the tech arm of the business, BitMEex.pro will also contribute significantly to the revenue breakdown.

15 in the Dubai offices and 20 heading the different operational offices worldwide.

Yes. We are projected to have approximately 400 employees by the end of 2019. It may seem like a big jump however in terms of operating the mine and expanding the development team these numbers make sense with the majority figure going into the team for the mining operations.

Yes. Gold trading in West Africa, consultancy and financial services out of the UK and the success of portfolio companies invested into like Ixellion which will be going public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the near future (projected for the end of 2019).

These projects are actual, tangible commodities/ assets. Many scams are based on idealistic solutions. The mine has been acquired. We have the pre-approval for the banking license to launch the digital banking platform and the projects are secured against pledge assets of a combined total of 1.6bn GBP. Should there be a default, the company will be forced to liquidate assets to pay back investors. Furthermore, the project is done on the blockchain and all transaction are automatically executed by the smart contract which means that the subscription terms agreed upon (including the returns, investment term and final payout) cannot be changed, altered or deleted.

If you look at the financial projections of the Angolan diamond mine operations alone, these revenues are where the 1.83% will be paid from. It is projected that for every 1 EUR spent, 31 will be returned.

15 in the Dubai offices and 20 heading the different operational offices worldwide.

This is why we have done the corporate bond on the blockchain. The smart contract executes the subscription agreement terms automatically and because this technology is decentralized it means no one can alter, delete or otherwise change the terms originally agreed upon.

The Bolton Coin is currently valued at 0.9 of 1 EUR. The investor is guaranteed that amount in the case they want to sell it back to Bolton.

Trading will happen on multiple major excchange platforms which act as a “gateways” for entry and exit for cryptocurrency. Most are fiat capable which means that the investor can exchange the crypto in their wallet for USD, AED and EUR or other currencies dependent on the exchange offering. Trading is available 24/7 and can be done directly by the investor versus the traditional way which was through a broker.

The UK requires a 20% withholding tax on the dividends for investors: there is no such tax in the UAE.

The corporate bond is secured by the 1.6bn GBP of pledged assets by the Bolton Holding Group as per the term sheet details. Should there be any default the company is at risk (not the investor). In this case, the company would be required to liquidate assets with the investors being the first to be paid out.

The proceeds will be used to start operations of the Angolan diamond mine, to launch the digital banking platform and to expand the portfolio of investments into emerging technologies.

Bolton is a limited liability company with a broker/dealer license.

Yes, upon signing an NDA we have a full drive with due diligence documents including the audited financials and breakdown of the portfolio for these assets. They have also been published online with an accompanied ISIN number as well as a listing on the UK Companies House.

For investors in the region it will not be available online because digital signatures are not legally recognized. We will require investors located here to sign the paper documents which can be done in person or can be sent through registered mail. For investors outside of the region where digital signatures are legally recognized, yes, the subscriptions agreement will be available online.

Standardly yes however, smaller amounts may be approved on a case by case basis and must be done so in writing by a Bolton Executive Management team member.

Bolton does not own the land; it belongs to the government. Bolton has a concession agreement for subsurface use rights meaning we are allowed to keep all that is extracted. This is how mining rights work outside of North America. Currently, these concessions are lying dormant giving no benefit to anyone therefore the government has approached us in Angola to run the operations for them (as well as other African governments who are in the pipeline).

Yes, if Bolton were to default Bondholders can liquidate company assets and get their investment plus interest back. Bondholders basically take over the company and liquidate the assets to take what is theirs. The rest goes as per bankruptcy law. These clauses can be found in the subscription agreement.

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