17 Compelling Online Cryptocurrency Resources

by Morgan Sliff

Cryptocurrency, a digital form of currency that utilizes powerful and secure cryptography, is becoming a booming part of the entire financial world. Its rise is bolstered by decentralisation, privacy, instantaneous transactions, and a near-unhackable formula backed by Blockchain technology. With cryptocurrecy’s modern approach to the way we handle money, public interest has subsequently surged into furor.

While the crypto world is constantly hammered with new coins, market vacillations, new and exciting updates highlighting steep upward trends, and a growing number of institutions accepting digital cash, it’s difficult to keep pace with revelations and new information. Cryptocurrency itself can be difficult to digest for new onlookers, and many that take their first steps into crypto trading experience the usual difficulties of those breaching into a new and highly technical area.

To stay in tune with relevant information, BOLTON (BFCL coin – check out our website and detailed whitepaper here [for marco: link to new whitepaper]) has put together a thorough list of easy-to-access online resources that should be at the very front of your bookmarks bar. These crypto morsels will help increase your knowledge of the digital currency stratosphere and will give you an overview into the future of money that is cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Wisdom

Bitcoin Wisdom is a straightforward application with no frills. Its goal is to provide a ton of metrics on prices of today’s most popular cryptocurrencies and Altcoins without any distractions, pesky ads, or text rife with buzzwords.


As a beacon to all things Bitcoin, Bitcoinist offers a portal of information to the king of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), digital currency in general, blockchain, and Fintech. It’s a resource for bitcoin miners as well.

Blockchain Blog

Overwhelmed with sites loaded with too much information? This great resource provides the latest and greatest in the cryptosphere, including breaking news on blockchain, wallets, and more – without being hard on the eyes.


BTCMANAGER’s easy-to-navigate website offers big-picture analysis of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, and FinTech news, as well as price charts and analysis and a handy glossary of terms. They’ve got a tab that says “free bitcoins” – you’ll have to see for yourself.

The Coinbase Blog

Coinbase is one of the leading digital currency trading platforms. Besides being a hub to transact, Coinbase has a solid blog dedicated to crypto news and stories.


CCN’s coverage of cryptocurrency is exhaustive. With deep analysis, opinion pieces, ICO calendars, marketcap charts and up-to-date prices of popular cryptocurrencies, CCN is a great comprehensive resource.


Coinality is a job board for those looking into employment in the cryptocurrency world. Coinailty can filter by location, job type, and more – and of course, there are a ton of remote positions listed.


The people, the trends, the prices, the analysis, podcasts, careers and more are all available on CoinDesks’s encyclopedic website. CoinDesk calls themselves “the leader in blockchain news,” and it might very well be.


GoinGecko is a rating app that lists digital currencies in ranking by developer activity, liquidity, and community, helping investors to determine the right moves to make and to help keep people safe from fraudulent ICOs. It calls itself the “360-degree overview of cryptocurrencies.”


Cointelegraph was one of the first all-encompassing crypto blogs to hit the internet. Cointelegraph covers anything and everything relating to cryptocurrency and has a myriad of market tools for investors.


Coinzy helps to filter what is and isn’t important in cryptocurrency news, as some posts are useless nonsense. Coizy’s curated list of top-shelf news is easy to absorb, averaging a less than 8-minute read.


Researchers, meet your dream interface. Apart from being a window into everything cool in this world, Medium contains a high-quality cryptocurrency section worthy of daily reads from perspectives deep in the field.

Decentralized TV

Decentralized TV can’t be found on your regular tele – it’s a Youtube Channel from the makers of CryptoYum and The Bitcoin Pub that offers tools and resources that help you get down to the nitty-gritty of cryptocurrency.

Inside Bitcoins

Inside Bitcoins has a price tracker for all coins and the latest news in cryptocurrency, including articles on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Blockchain, and much more. Sign up for their newsletter for daily crypto updates.


Reddit is a great starting point for a lot of general information about crypto. There are subsections that cover Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, and other subjects thoroughly.

Token Data

Token Data is an amazing hub for new ICOs and lists their name, symbol, sales price, amount raised, whitepaper, and more all in a concise chart. They also have analytics and a great blog with breaking updates.


World Coin Index is perhaps the best price listing for cryptocurrencies, listing over 1500 of them and seamless access to each crypto website. This gets users accustomed to the different types of cryptocurrencies and price listings.

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